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Email Marketing

Your business' online marketing plan should include a bulk emailed electronic newsletter.

It is a known statistic that it takes ten times more effort to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. So stay in touch with your existing clients by emailing them with relevant information and make sure that this email is as visually pleasing as your web site.

The following information is supplied by Clikit Media
Bulkmail marketing platforms are used as a means of communicating marketing messages to a database of existing and potential clients. The advantages of bulk email marketing vastly outweigh the majority of traditional and new media marketing channels due its higher ROI, making it one of the world’s leading platforms from which to drive sales, generate new leads and measure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

80% of consumers make purchases as a direct outcome of email.

Bulk mail remains one of the most powerful sales drivers online.

90% of consumers go online to send and receive emails everyday.

Email has become integrated in virtually all facets of life. make sure your brand appears where your customers are looking.

42% consumers said that they preferred receiving promotional emails from companies.

The statistics speak for themselves. If your customers are interested in your product, make sure you deliver.

49% of email marketers said their newsletter routinely justified themselves.

Bulkmail retains one of the highest returns on investment for any given marketing tactic.

80% of marketers believed that social sharing extended the reach of email content to new markets.

Many believed social media to be the end of email. Instead, it added even more value.

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