Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing
S² Web Solutions offers both design and marketing solutions for your website. The internet will become a marketing tool for your company. Website marketing and promotion is therefore needed to ensure that you get the business from your website that you normally get from general advertising. Having a website is the cheapest form of advertising to the largest market.

The Internet has become a fundamental part of all business today. Your business image is improved with an Online Presence.

How will we market your site on the internet?

  • Search Engine Linking

    After the website has been designed, our search engines specialist will add meta tags, keywords, descriptions and alt tags to every page of your website that is relevant to that specific page.

    The website will then be linked to all major search engines across the world that register sites free of charge. Once the client's site is achieving success, other search engine spiders will automatically find the web site.

  • Link Exchange

    A link page will be included in the website design and you can become linking partners with other companies. They will advertise a link on their website to your site and in return you will include a link from your site to their site.

    Link exchange will increase the popularity of your website on search engines and increase your ranking. Only certain links are advisable. Your website needs to benefit from the return link.

How you can market your website on the internet?

  • Picture perfect

    Good quality pictures are the cornerstone of a successful site. The information on the website must be relevant and up to date. A website must be dynamic.

  • Copy is KING!

    Writing content for your company’s website can sometimes seem like a bit of a chore especially as it does not, on the face of it, bring any income to the business. But it is of the utmost importance in terms of people using the website and for search engine optimisation. Search engines need something to read or they will soon get bored and leave your website quickly when crawling the pages. Writing keyword rich content is very important as it gives the search engines an idea of what your website is all about and what keyword phrases you want to be ranked for. Making your content keyword rich does not mean cramming the copy with lots of keywords but using a few keywords throughout the copy will be good for SEO

  • Advertise your website everywhere

    Your website must be advertised on all printed material and with any enquiry, you must refer back to the site. All the information that your clients require needs to be on the website.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries about website updates, hosting fees, marketing or if you require a quotation for a complete service including design.