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Every web site designer's nightmare is to hear someone say "My uncle, brother, mother or next-door-neighbour designed my website". Why? Because even though many people can use a computer, and put together web pages with the help of the many visual interface programs available, not many people can design a good website. It is a talent and an art.

There is very little that can do your company as much good as a well designed, professional website - but very little that can do more damage than a website designed by an amateur. First impressions are lasting, and if a potential client doesn't like what they see they will leave without making use of your services. Statistics shows that your website has only 6-10 seconds to grab a visitor's attention and make them stick there. We design websites that attract and retain customers.

"More than 40% of repeat visitors are lost due to a negative experience" - Zona Research

It is pointless to just have a web presence. You need a professional website, engaging your customers and increasing business. We understand marketing and the medium of the Internet!.

We work with large and small companies all over the world. We have a creative approach. Innovative design, personal attention and customer satisfaction are the main aspects of our work. We believe in offering outstanding value to our customers by providing them with the highest quality services at very reasonable prices.

If your company does not currently have a web site or needs a web site redesign, we can help. Our web sites are completely custom made - we do not believe in design templates. Your website will be 100% unique. We take into account the industry you are in and your own specific requirements and then design around this.

These designs will download quickly on any bandwidth Internet connection, but because of our skill, quality is never forfeited to achieve this.

Visitors spend a maximum of 30 - 40 seconds to find what they are looking for. Essential to our website design is how we plan its navigation. We understand how important the menu structure is in making the site easy to navigate and that the user must know, at all times, exactly where they are in the site. It goes without saying that our web sites are error free. All menu links will work and all pages will be available.

Creating the website is only the beginning, by offering free website maintenance to all our hosting clients for small changes and additions, we ensure that your site continues working for you long after it has been launched.

We promise that we don't hit you with any hidden charges. We will stick to the quoted prices.

Please contact us to have a website that works for you!

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