Our Team

S² is a dynamic web solutions company - offering web site design, hosting and internet marketing.

We have been involved in the development of websites, and all that accompanies a request for a website, for the past 10 years. Through this involvement we have become aware of what is lacking and where we can give our clients real added value at a competitive price.

S² Web Solutions have the perfect team:


Boss lady, designer, and master of the verb "to stress", the noun "stress ball", the adjective "stressfull situation" and adverb ..... ! Addicted to coffee and LOVES doing what she does - designing websites!


Wizz-kid of all things technical. Right-hand man with all the answers. Also has a "coffee problem" and gives S² more than it's fair share of his time.


The newest addition to bring calm in the chaos. Artist extraordinaire. Assists in all updates and site building.


Keeps the office together. Brings a new meaning to the word organised and makes sure the creative people don't disregard the admin process!

The S² Web Solutions Team
S2 Web Solutions - Our Team